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Marbled Ube Cookies Baking Kit

Marbled Ube Cookies Baking Kit

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A vibrant cookie that is unlike any other, these soft and chewy sugar cookies are a mix of classic vanilla and ube. If you have never had ube before, it is a purple root vegetable with delicate nutty and vanilla undertones. Its bright and distinct color and flavor will truly catch anyone's attention!

Kit includes:
- recipe card with easy to follow step by step instructions
- cookie scoop
- silicone spatula
- parchment paper

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- instructional video
- shopping list
- tips, tricks, and much more…

Pre-measured Ingredients:
- granulated white sugar
- pure vanilla extract
- all-purpose flour
- sea salt
- baking soda
- ube powder
- ube extract

What's Inside

- Pre-measured, high quality ingredients
- Step by step instructions and video tutorials
- A kitchen item used in the recipe (ex: parchment paper, spatula, cookie scoop, etc.)

What You'll Need

Grocery: just butter and egg!


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